8 Insider Secrets to Booking Cheap Airfare

As the summers are coming, many travel experts are recommending the best ways of booking the cheap flights for outdoor trips. Here are top insider secrets to booking the airline tickets at low prices.

  1. Book flight 6 weeks earlier:

You can get the at least 6% cheap tickets if you place the deal about six weeks in advance. Research shows that many people book the flights about 42 days earlier before they have planned to go for the trip. Many airlines offer amazing deals any time of the year, but the trend is highly noticeable 42 days before they work actually.

  1. Go for the morning deals:

Most of the airlines offer the limited amount of tickets at low costs at night. You can see many deals available during early mornings; even only airlines make discounts in the day time.

  1. Best time to purchase

If you could not find any discount on flights in the morning, you can purchase the tickets on the best time which is (as per research) Tuesday afternoons.

  1. Best day to fly

The recent studies show that Wednesday is the best day to travel especially for domestic destinations.

  1. Fly out early in morning

Many cheap flights are usually the earliest flights of the day. This means that you need to get up early in the morning. The next cheap options are during lunch time or after it.

  1. Look for fewer cost airlines

Make a comparison between various airlines online. Few fewer cost airlines such as Southwest in the US and Ryanair in Europe, will not let you compare their rates with the other airline’s sites. So, check each of them individually. Do your homework before making the final decision and be sure that the so-called cheap airlines may not be cheating you and charging you additional fees.

  1. Get the free alerts on AirfareWatchdog.com

Nearly each of the main airline book the tickets online through their sites and most of the time they generate the alerts about fares whenever the prices fall. The AirfareWatchdog.com can help you in getting these instant alerts. You get the updates regarding the airline tickets which are beneficial for you, while other sites may send you annoying notifications which are useless for you.

  1. Make a relation

The actual thing is not that how much you have to pay for flying one place to another, but the thing is that who do you belong. If you are an exclusive member of the frequent flying program, or if you own the credit card for paying for the airline tickets, you automatically need to make a relation with your airline.

More number of airlines you know; higher will you get the tailoring by the airline for the costs of your cheap tickets. Paying for the cheap flights using the credit cards offer many perks which can be considered as a standard like free checked bags, seat choice, priority boarding and much more, if you have been frequently flying with just one airline.

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