The Cheapest Way to Buy Two or More Airline Tickets

If you travel alone, there are no problems; Just order the airline tickets. All you have to do is compare all the prices on airline tickets, because no airline has the cheapest flights

But what if you travel with your family and friends? That’s where it becomes interesting. You can buy the usual way – enter the total number of passengers instead of one – but that can mean you spend more than you need. Here is a special technique that allows you to get the lowest possible rate for each ticket you have purchased.

Quirk booking system

The reason why you should never buy more than one ticket in the same booking, at least for starters, is a fashion in airline ticket booking systems that requires all tickets purchased for an order (or transaction) for that same price. If the cheap tickets are not enough, the system goes to the highest level of the ticket price, where it is enough for the transaction and you will pay the highest price for everyone.

To help you understand, it is useful to know that on each floor there are about 10 different price points; there are also some price points in the economy class, and prices vary depending on the purchase of your tickets.

Let’s say there are only two cheap tickets. If you buy all four tickets in a transaction, you will not pay $ 100 + $ 100 and $ 125 to $ 125 for a total of $ 450. Instead, you’ll pay a total of $ 500 or $ 125 for each ticket. Remember the quirk system? The system does not divide the group into a mix of ticket prices, as all tickets sold per transaction must be sold at the same price. When tickets are not enough to match the number of passengers, the booking system automatically increases to a price level where there are enough tickets for the same price.

However, this can be avoided. It will take only a few moments of your time.

  • Buy tickets one by one
  • Start shopping by opening two separate booking transactions. I open two different browsers, so I do so.
  • Open a reservation for the total number of people in your group
  • Opening a reservation for one person

If your browser’s price for a ticket is cheaper than the price offered in the general reservation browser, know that there is at least one cheaper place. Buy and repeat the process of buying an economic ticket at a time. You can buy all the necessary tickets, one at a time.

If the ticket price rises to the value of the browser “all yours”, you can use this second browser to sort the remaining places you need at the same time. Or continue to use the same browser and make more orders for the remaining tickets at a higher price.

Bottom Line

Do not automatically buy more than one cheap tickets at a time to avoid a systematic fashion that could increase your ticket prices to a higher category. Take more time to check prices and split transactions if needed to save the maximum amount. Visit this site :

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