Getting Cheap Air Flights to Spain – What Are Your Options?

Getting Cheap Air Flights to Spain - What Are Your Options?

Spain is in the south-west of Europe and is officially known as the Kingdom of Spain. It has coastlines along both the Atlantic and of the Mediterranean. It shares borders with the Iberian Peninsula together with Portugal as its neighbors. Spain is known having the largest number of the UNESCO World Heritage Cities and also has the most number of World Heritage Sites, next to Italy.

Spain is definitely one of the most visited countries in all areas of Europe. This is the reason why people try to get cheap flights to see the beauty of Spain. Since Spain has many interesting cities, many are eager to fly there no matter what the cost may be. But many also are trying to fly Spain hoping that they can book lower fare airline tickets. Among the most visited cities are Barcelona and Madrid.

How to be around Spain

Getting around in Spain at first may be very confusing. But once you get familiar with their system, it is surely an easy task for you. Their trains are so clean and services are so fast and are more reliable. Long-distance transportation are just on time. But short distances of transportation especially around in Barcelona, sometimes gets delayed. Taking trains in Spain is not really an option since the flights within Spain are too affordable compared to get train tickets. But do remember that taking high speed trains between Madrid and Barcelona are much faster, especially when you consider the time you spend on airport for transferring and for security checks


Getting Cheap Air Flights to Spain - What Are Your Options?

Another way of taing yourself to Spain is to take a bus. It is consider as the best and easy way to be around in most areas in Spain. Buses routes are for major cities. They go from point to point and are frequent. Note that each and every route has its own operator. It has one operator for every route you take..please visit this url:

If you consider yourself as more adventurous individual, you room around Spain by using a bike. Spain is considered to be a good city for cyclists since it has plenty of cycling lanes that are available and safe.


Below are few options for your cheap tickets to any cities in Spain:

  1. Barcelona- £29
  2. Tenerife- £97
  3. Palma- £30
  4. Malaga- £32
  5. Alicante- £32
  6. Madrid- £29

How to get to Spain

You can set foot on Spanish soil by plane, boat and or train depending to where you start from. If it is outside Europe, taking a plane to Spain could be your best choice. Spain has lots of airports. The busiest ones are the MAD- the Madrid-Barajas Airport, the Barcelona –El Prat Airport, the Palma de Mallorca Airport and the last one is the Malaga Airport.

And if you are coming from France, you may choose taking a high-speed train which connects Paris to Barcelona and then to Madrid. It takes around six hours of travel from Paris to Barcelona.if you need more information please click here.


There lots of ways on how you can reach Spain. Do thorough research, and read more about how you can find cheaper flights to Spain, then you can enjoy its stunning places!



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