The Do’s and Don’ts of Bringing Alcohol on a Flight

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In this article, we are exploring a common question especially for those of you traveling back from Europe – How to transport wine and beer in your luggage? I have struggled with the idea of transporting alcohol from my travel destination. While it seems intuitive to me that I would transport them via carry-on rather than my checked-in bag, you really don’t have a choice. In the US, security protocols for most international flights require that you transport liquids through checked-in luggage. So suppose you are visiting France, Italy, or Germany, and you pick up a few bottles of wine or beer. What’s the best way to transport it back in your suitcase?

Put your Bottle in a Sealed Bag

Well, the most efficient way would be to use your clothing to minimize the impacts and vibrations. Most travel experts advise putting your bottle in a sealed bag, then placing them in a pair of socks. Then, wrap the bottles with the thickest clothing that you have in your suitcase. When placing the bottles and cans inside your suitcase or bag, you want to create as much buffer as possible from the sides of the suitcase. Basically, you want to avoid having the bottles or cans from touching the edge of your bag. You want to use your clothes and shoes to create layers on all sides, and then place the bottles and cans toward the middle. I suggest staggering the bottles and also making sure that there’s enough material so the bottles and cans don’t touch one another. You want to pay special attention to the neck of the bottles too, as it’s definitely the most likely spot to break while transporting. Here are some additional tips to keep in mind.

Use wineskins and bottle protectors

There are several inexpensive products that are geared to help travelers transport wine bottles. While you can use a normal plastic bag, these specialized pouches often provide extra cushioning, as well as absorbent padding and sealing to protect the contents of your bag from any potential leaks. They’re fairly inexpensive and some are even reusable.

Keep a copy of the rules with you.

Sometimes, you may encounter an airport or airline employee who will insist you check in your beverages. Having a copy of the TSA and airline rules with you can help in case you encounter any problems during the check-in process. In addition, if you are traveling internationally, you may want to do a quick Google search on your departure country’s rules before your trip just to be safe. Some countries may impose special fees or restrict the amount of beer or wine that can travel out of the country.

Consider shipping your alcohol instead.

It might be easier to have your alcohol shipped to you directly if you are traveling domestically so you don’t have to worry about packing it. However, if you’re traveling internationally, it’s usually cheaper to transport your wine or beer via your luggage, even if you have to pay additional baggage or customs fees. This is because by using your luggage, you can usually avoid the value-added tax imposed during shipping, also known as VAT. See more in this site:

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